Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hey Sen. Inhofe, hire me to write your climate commentary!

Saw this Inhofe quote at Talking Points Memo:

'I look forward to a full, open and honest debate over the 600-plus page Waxman-Markey climate tax bill,' Senator Inhofe said. 'It appears that this legislation is yet another version of the same story: a job-killing tax increase on American consumers that jeopardizes America’s energy security, while doing nothing to address climate change. In short, it’s all economic pain for no climate gain.'

Considering that the bill's even stronger than Obama's position in the short term and calls for 80% reductions in 2050, I thought Inhofe's claim that it would do nothing was worth seeing in full.

I went to Inhofe's site for the full commentary, and the paragraph above was the full commentary.

Inhofe's new communications guy, Matt Dempsey, needs to step up his game. Here's the analytical paragraph I would add to support Inhofe's conclusory statement:

'I know that unless China and India both agree to a binding greenhouse gas reductions where they explicitly acknowledge that a Chinese person is one-third as worthy as an American, and an Indian one-tenth as worthy, then any reductions by the US will actually CAUSE increases by China and India,' Senator Inhofe said. 'I say this without any evidence to prove it, because my gut instinct is all I need and all I ever need. I also say this without any cynical intent to stop greenhouse gas regulation, despite the fact that I also claim to believe the whole thing is a hoax. And by the way, I refuse to put my money where my mouth is by betting over global warming.'

That's much better.

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