Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Kiva loans

Finally using a (gratefully-received!) wedding gift certificate:

Roman Sandoval Mejia - I think his buying participation rights in a rice thresher sounds less risky than starting a new business.

Antonia Armendariz Guerra - the one Mexican borrower wanting a business loan rather than a personal loan to be repaid with business earnings.

Ghulam Fatima group - women micro-entrepeneurs in Pakistan pretty much means I have to give them a chance. Also a group mutually guaranteeing each others' loans sounds like a good bet.

Amy Lemalu - 28-year old widow with three kids. I'm a sucker, but that just induces a "click the button" reflex, and she's apparently repaid previous loans.

I'll keep track of how they all do, and maybe kick in some more money.

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