Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not at all Lovley

I was going to point out the climate awfulness of Erika Lovley at the Politico, but it's already been taken down at Deltoid, Climate Progress, Gristmill, and probably others.

Every criticism I've seen of her two appalling articles - one claiming there's increased scientific evidence of global cooling and another implicitly asserting without evidence that a positive correlation exists (while acknowledging it may be "coincidental") between climate change discussions and cold weather events - was justified criticism. I'll just add that there was no time pressure for either article, and so no excuse for failing to include responses to the non-science she reported as fact. Either she or her editor deserve the blame.

Joe at Climate Progress thinks she should be reassigned to another beat - she appears to be Politico's energy and environment reporter. I looked through some of her previous articles. They're not as bad, although this one making Dingell looking good on the environment is pretty ridiculous. This one comparing Obama-McCain climate plans fails to mention that Obama's willingness to auction carbon permits creates a funding source for renewables that McCain misses. Might be worth some more digging.

UPDATE: Something that would be much more lovely is petitioning the EPA to make the finding that CO2 is endangering the environment. The We Campaign has an online form you can fill and personify, if you want. I added some blather about international public opinion and environmental justice. Friday's the deadline to comment.

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