Saturday, October 25, 2008

Local candidates for office

Some postings on local candidates for office (I did a post on propositions below). Your comment, input and links are welcome. Disclosure: I work for a tax-exempt non-profit, the below represents my opinions only.

Santa Clara County:

Richard Hobbs (Supervisor, County District 3): I know him a bit, and he's a good environmentalist.

Alex Kennett (County Open Space Authority, District 1): I know Alex well, another good environmentalist. (More disclaimers! Alex is on the board of the organization I work for.)

Mountain View:

Mike Kasperzak (City Council): I also know Mike a bit, and unlike the present City Council he's willing do something to address the ridiculous jobs-housing imbalance in the city.

Other folks to talk about? I don't see much point in addressing local candidates for state and federal office, though; they're all foregone conclusions.

UPDATE: I'm embarassed to be a lawyer and not know much about the Ritchie-Liroff contest for judge. Both candidates seem highly qualified. Liroff is ahead in endorsements, but I like Ritchie's work for the underdog a little more. A real tossup. UPDATE 2: went for the underdog, there are plenty of prosecutors-turned-judges.

UPDATE 3: Forgot to include Jerry McNerney, the Congressman who beat the evil Richard Pombo in a Republican-leaning district that includes Morgan Hill. He's now matched against a pretty-bad Republican - Grist has the info.

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