Monday, September 29, 2008

They're baaack - more credit card scammers with nonexistent global warming conferences

Inel has the goods on these credit card scammers/potential identity thieves. Same thing as before: a fake conference on global warming ("Working Group on Global Warming and Climate Change") that isn't going to happen in November in London. Presumably the same goal as before: get personal information off the registration forms, and try to get credit card numbers from a fake website pretending to be that of a real hotel.

I hope both skeptics and believers in climate change learn about and stay away from these guys. Wherever you stand on the issue, they're looking for a way to reach into your pocket.

I submitted a complaint to IC3 last time, by the way, and heard nothing. I don't think Inel did any better with the London police. I'd guess they're waiting for the problem to get bigger first.

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