Friday, January 26, 2007

Partially nonstupid editorial in Wall Street Journal on an environmental issue

Yeah, it surprised me too, but the Jan. 25th print version had an editorial by Bruce Berkowitz that said something reasonable about the environmental problem of space junk (no mention of the global warming connection, though). Berkowitz argues the US should involve China in an international convention to control debris. A nonwrong opinion in the Journal!

Of course, it was part of an otherwise wrong article saying China's antisatellite test was no big deal, and it incorrectly stated that China has "as much interest as the U.S. to limit debris" (as a minor player in space, most of the external costs of China's debris gets imposed on the big player, the U.S.). And, it's a guest column, not something written by the insane editors of the Journal. But still.

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