Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arrgh! Which herd do I follow mindlessly?

I'm a normally-enthusiastic member of the "Bush Is Beyond Horrible" herd, which is quite upset over the whole Dubai Port World proposal to operate American ports. But my personal herd of blogs on the left (side of this website) think it's a feeding frenzy without a real security issue. I have no intention of thinking for myself (way too late for me to start doing that), so which herd do I follow?

This may be a Rorsach Test of attitudes toward globalization - those who consider globalization to be innately wrong are going to oppose it. As someone who's cautiously pro-trade, I guess I can stop right there and choose the "it's a freeding frenzy" perspective. If the antis can provide reasonable scenarios where the proposal would actually harm security, though, I might be forced to think. So far, I haven't heard any.

UPDATE: Okay, this says the port operators are also involved with security, so maybe it could be a problem. This media controversy could use some well-developed information. (Via Same Facts.)

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