Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hit Bush on the pardon issue

Many bloggers have speculated that if indictments lead to convictions, Bush will just pardon all concerned after the 2008 elections. We can make that tougher for him, maybe starting tomorrow.

As soon as the indictments are out, Bush and his press secretary should be constantly asked whether Bush will promise not to give out pardons. If Bush refuses to answer, he pays a price that will be continuous as long as people keep asking him. If he admits that he might pardon his staff, then he starts paying a price that he'd otherwise attempt to minimize by waiting until after the elections.

If Bush promises not to issue pardons, then the defendants are more likely to plead guilty, as they can't count on a pardon to reduce their sentence and clear their criminal record. If Bush promises no pardons, but is lying and issues pardons after 2008 election, the Republicans pick up even more of a stench than they would otherwise, especially those Bush family members still seeking political office.

Under any scenario, we're better off getting the press to push Bush on this issue rather than simply being passive.

UPDATE: via Rara Avis, Act for Change is already on the issue - please consider signing their petition.

UPDATE 2 (Oct. 30): Senator Harry Reid calls on Bush to pledge not to issue pardons. The press should ask for Bush's response.

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