Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mark Kleiman on a roll

Mark Kleiman had two interesting posts today: first, he says he wants to create a wedge in the creationism/Intelligent Design debate between the "true believers" who think the Bible is literally true, and those who support a religiously inspired origin for humanity as the basis for teaching morals to their children. Kleiman thinks the latter group can be brought around, partly by making clear that biological "Darwinism" and repugnant social Darwinism aren't the same. It's an interesting wedge - I still think there's another wedge that splits the educated conservative leadership from the Biblical Literalists, and the teaching of evolution will eventually force the literalists to find a different and more tolerant basis for morality.

Second, Kleiman riffs on the Reverend Pat Robertson calling for the assasination of the elected Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez. As Kleiman says,

"turnabout is fair play. If Robertson is trying to arrange to have Chavez rubbed out, maybe Chavez ought to move first. Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six, and all that."

If Robertson thinks it would be, say, "wrong" for someone to assassinate him, he might think about taking a consistent position on the murder issue.

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