Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An open email letter

Dear Barnes and Noble and Customer Service people,

I read on, a website that lists and categorizes corporate political donations, that 98% of Barnes and Noble-affiliated political donations went to Democrats last year, compared 58% for donations. Typically, entertainment-related businesses favor Democrats. My preference would be that no corporations give money to politicians, but if they are giving money, I want to see the general corporate bias towards Republicans balanced out as much as possible. My values and interests were more closely represented by Democrats than Republicans, so I intend to start purchasing from Barnes and Noble.

For what it's worth, I also have a small weblog called Backseat Driving. The website is

I occasionally review books on my blog, and have started switching my hot links of book titles to Barnes and Noble. I also plan to publish this email at my website to encourage readers to use and act on recommendations for purchases from your corporations and from others. Until we can get a fair system of campaign financing, individual efforts like my website and others will continue to push for Choosing the Blue.

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