Saturday, March 03, 2007

February 2007 Iraq casualties

Avg. daily Coalition fatality rate during the last month: 3.0 (nearly all Americans, and excluding Iraqis)

Previous averages
January 2007: 2.77
December 2006:

Last year, February 2006: 2.07.

Overall daily average to date is 2.37. Total US dead as of March 2: 3166.

Iraqi monthly military and police fatalities: 150.

Previous military/police fatality rates
January 2007: 91
December 2006: 123

Last year, February 2006: 158.
Total Iraqi military dead: 4878.

Note that I've seen media reports suggesting the Iraqi military casualty figures are signficant undercounts.

Iraqi monthly civilian fatalities: 1381

January 2007: 1,711
December: 1,629

Last year, January 2006: 688.

To-date civilian total, begining in March 2005: 25,360. Note that the civilian numbers are far less accurate than others (most likely to be greatly underestimated, or even ridiculously underestimated), but could still be useful in determining trends.

Comments: Now six months in a row with American casualties above average, no prior bad stretch lasted longer than three months. The overall average rate is now moving up, from a low of 2.9 deaths daily.

Iraqi military fatality rates continue to be low relative to 2005 data, possible evidence that they're sitting out the civil war. As before, civilian casualties remain terrible.

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