Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hello Ethon! Moving my blogging digs to a new Rabett hole

This is just a note to my fine readers that I will be taking up new digs with Eli Rabett and John Farley at Rabett Run. They've got the science well-covered but I'll put up some uninformed commentary about that, policy, and whatever else.

I hope you all will join me there. As for this blog, I will cross-post both here and at Eli's for at least a while, but I'm turning off the ability to add comments here and really encourage people to go there, especially to read and participate in what I expect will be a vibrant comment community. Starting May 24th of this year, all posts here are crossposts of what I've got up at Rabett Run.

"Date posted", btw, is only going to be a rough approximation here at BSD because the original posts are at Rabett's and I only cross post a bunch of them at a time.

I'll keep bumping this post up near the top of the blog. Thanks again for reading, and see you at Eli's!


  1. Hey, does this mean Rabett Run gets to use the Tim Ball quote:)

  2. At least some of the time, yes, but you and John need to earn it personally. Sending an email to Ball worked for me getting my reward.


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